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Of indisputable quality is the oil from the Le Tre Colline farm, which was born around the 1950s when grandfather Giuseppe bought his olive grove in Pietragalla, an ancient village nestled in the hills of the northern Lucanian Apennines.

In this area, the climatic and pedological characteristics have always shown a particular aptitude for olive cultivation: in fact, the production of oil in this land, poor for other crops, is very ancient.

THE THREE HILLS – the best oil tradition

The production of extra virgin olive oil from the company Le Tre Collelli derives from a centuries-old tradition of transformation, which pays great attention to all those factors that contribute to giving a natural, healthy and genuine product, which brings with it the flavor of tradition: a typical product of Basilicata and southern Italy, a land of millenary olive trees.

From this wonderful land, the Telesca family has been obtaining oil for over 50 years and not only for domestic consumption: by now the brand “The three hills” is known throughout Italy and even beyond national borders.

Extra virgin olive oil produced with the best varieties of olive in the area, taking care of the smallest details: the olives must be at the right degree of ripeness and obviously not attacked by parasites; moreover, the grinding of the same must be done within 24 hours of manual harvesting.

The extra virgin olive oil from the Telesca family’s “Le tre Colline” farm is a genuine product obtained with cold-pressed olives, pressed with the traditional system of stone wheels.

The soft pressure of the millstones, which rotate very slowly, allows to obtain a crushed olive paste between 13 and 18 degrees of temperature (optimal condition to obtain a superior quality oil).

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