Belisario – Farm

Contrada Vallicarossa, – Sarconi (PO) – Tel. 0975.66280

In a Lucania secluded corner in the Agri valley, always bright as it did when in the Pleistocene era it shone for the waters of a lake, in Sarconi, in a happy place for climate and perfumes, lies the small BELISARIO farm.


Today the BELISARIO company, certified by AGROQUALITÁ, a control body for GPI accredited by MIPAF, produces and packages as many as 20 ecotypes of seeds handed down from father to son and that, deservedly saved from a sure disappearance from the biological cycle as well as from economic and cultural memory, have been returned not only to a correct and healthy diet but also to the pleasure and pride of tasting unique and unmistakable products.

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