Personal care

Taking care of yourself is essential to your life and personal happiness.
Man is a sociable being and to live together with others.
You need to feel good about yourself.
Taking care of yourself such as: styling your hair, cleansing your face, measuring blood pressure,
shaving, doing pedicures and manicures or trimming your beard; but also health products.
Creams or ointments, oils, natural essences.

There are countless products for the health or well-being of the person and all of them are of low quality.
It is difficult to extricate oneself from thousands of products that are almost always chemically treated.
Also for these products as for all, it is fundamental who produces them and how they are produced.

In Italy there is a great tradition of products for the person and it is essential that they are Made in Italy .
Mediterranean tradition it is not only diet or food as know everywhere.
Mediterranian it is a style of life and mainly personal care.
Products of the Mediterranean tradition that always integrates with the way of life of the Mediterranean diet.
Made in Italy products but essential that they are natural according to the traditions of our grandparents.
Traditions that often derive from the uses and customs of our farmers in the Mediterranean area.
Products that derive from natural vegetable herbs.
Or if with animal substances of a natural type, as was the habit of our grandparents.
The personal care products on are all natural and authentic and guaranteed Made in Italy

  • Cecchi Ointment

    Cecchi Ointment –grandparents pomade – simply natural

    Properties and benefits of Cecchi’s Pomade as our grandparents used to make it

    The Cecchi Pomade or our grandparents ointment as our grandmother used to make it;
    is essentially made up of natural ingredients of vegetable and animal origin; as Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) and Horse fat.
    For this reason it is an excellent adjuvant for the treatment of inflammation, back pain, muscle sprains or contractures, sciatica, neck pain, tendonitis, trauma, sprains and rheumatism.
    In addition to immediately absorbing bruises and hematomas.
    It also works against the manifestations of itching and can be applied as a post insect bite, and adjuvant in the treatment of dermatitis.

    Why choose our grandparents’ ointment

    Cecchi’s Pomade is a natural, sustainable product, without additives, it is simply natural.
    One of its absolute strengths is the genuineness of its recipe and its all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, Cecchi’s Ointment is also made up of a horse lipid base, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
    A product of the Mediterranean tradition and authentic made in Italy

    Cecchi Ointment

    34,50 + VAT

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