Red and dark craft Italian beer

Red and dark Italian craft beer . Beer is obtained from the fermentation of malt mostly barley. Hops help to define the degree of bitterness, while the color depends on the type of malt and the roasting temperature and the drying time to which it is subjected: the beer can therefore be clear, from yellow to amber up to red or dark (brown or black).

Red and dark craft beers generally have a more intense and complex flavor, suitable for more full-bodied dishes based on meat, for example, but we must keep in mind that it is not so much the color that defines the flavor, but the type of fermentation (high , low, spontaneous): each beer is inspired by a different style (Ale like Blanche, Weisse, IPA, APA, Stout, Porter … – Lager like Bock, Dunkel, Pilsner … – Iris and Lambic with different degrees of acidity).

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