Ointments are semi-solid products for external use, to be applied to the skin.
They are mainly used for medicinal or local well-being action.
It usually favors the penetration of active ingredients, or simply produces an emollient and protective action.
Very often the use of the ointment is accompanied by rubbing the skin to facilitate the penetration of other active ingredients.
There are various types of ointments but the best are the natural ones with both vegetable and animal components but always not chemically treated.

  • Cecchi Ointment

    Cecchi Ointment –grandparents pomade – simply natural

    Properties and benefits of Cecchi’s Pomade as our grandparents used to make it

    The Cecchi Pomade or our grandparents ointment as our grandmother used to make it;
    is essentially made up of natural ingredients of vegetable and animal origin; as Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) and Horse fat.
    For this reason it is an excellent adjuvant for the treatment of inflammation, back pain, muscle sprains or contractures, sciatica, neck pain, tendonitis, trauma, sprains and rheumatism.
    In addition to immediately absorbing bruises and hematomas.
    It also works against the manifestations of itching and can be applied as a post insect bite, and adjuvant in the treatment of dermatitis.

    Why choose our grandparents’ ointment

    Cecchi’s Pomade is a natural, sustainable product, without additives, it is simply natural.
    One of its absolute strengths is the genuineness of its recipe and its all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, Cecchi’s Ointment is also made up of a horse lipid base, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
    A product of the Mediterranean tradition and authentic made in Italy

    Cecchi Ointment

    34,50 + VAT

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