MADE IN ITALY – GAIP: Guaranteed Authentic Italian Product

EURO ETP developped COLOR CODE technology : a unique technology, which was created to protect consumers from counterfeiting Made in Italy products.
Thanks to this new technology it is finally possible to verify the authenticity of all products marked with the IT MADE IN brand directly through the IT MADE IN Italy app.

Our mission is to bring true Italian producers together with consumers who want a guaranteed MADE IN ITALY product. Unfortunately, today when you buy a product, especially online, it is difficult to be sure of its authenticity. ITMADEIN.COM guarantees the authenticity of the made in Italy product purchased and consumers can verify its origin and quality directly through the manufacturer, contacting him for further guarantees of the purchased product.

This is possible through the IT MADE IN ITALY app that can be downloaded from both PLAY STORE and APPLE STORE.

Through the app scans the COLOR CODE assigned to the product and you will get the traceability and all the information of the product and manufacturer.

In this way it is possible to be sure that the product is not counterfeit, because the code associated with the purchased product is unique and encrypted.
Nobody knows the COLOR CODE on the product label.
Only the system, through the IT MADE IN Italy APP, is able to decode it and trace the real made in Italy product.

MADE IN ITALY – products and companies

The MADE IN ITALY brand is the best known brand in the world, but what are the made in Italy products and who can boast of this brand?

The made in Italy par excellence is represented by fashion, but today the agro-gastronomic or food products are increasingly representative of the made in Italy and the greatest counterfeiting occurs precisely in this sector.

The products of the Mediterranean diet  par excellence range from extra virgin olive oil, to legumes, to highly sought-after products such as saffron or the Alba white truffle.

Not to mention the great variety of wines that represent the entire Italy’s boot.

In fact, each region has its typical wines such as the Veneto and Friuli white wines, the red ones of Barolo Barbaresco or Dolcetto d’Alba from Piedmont, Tuscan Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino, but also Aglianico del Vulture Lucano or Montepulciano d ‘Abruzzo. In any case, if we want to talk about MADE IN ITALY we can say that the best known products are:

In any case, if we want to talk about MADE IN ITALY we can say that the best known products are :


  • the wine that expresses the Italian way of life;
  • extra virgin olive oil, the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet;
  • pasta in its great varieties, a staple of the Mediterranean diet;
  • legumes and beans, which have always been essential food for Italian farmers, are never lacking on the table of Italian families even today;
  • vegetables, essential in Italian cuisine and in made in Italy in all their preservation products such as pickles, compotes etc .;
  • cruschi peppers and dried tomatoes, products that are increasingly conquering the Italian and European market;
  • dairy products, essential foods in Italian cuisine, represented by unique made in Italy products such as mozzarella di bufala, parmigiano reggiano, silane or lucan caciocavallo and many others;
  • fruit and dried fruit such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc., another essential food of Mediterranean cuisine;
  • cold cuts, products characterized by a great variety. In this case too, each region has its typical cold cuts: Parma ham or San Daniele from Emilia Romagna; Calabrian or Lucanian or soppressata sausage; Tuscan finocchiona or Tuscan ham and many others.


Italian craftsmanship is one of the most renowned for its variety and unique characteristics, and includes:

  • leather products: from shoes, a great Italian tradition, to all other artifacts such as bags or various objects;
  • terracottas appreciated all over the world, such as Sienese ceramics and more;
  • jewelry products, such as those of Arezzo, Biella and Novara.


Made in Italy clothing deserves a separate discussion. Italy is the homeland of fashion, not only for the big brands, but above all for all those artisan and family businesses that make Italian fashion famous all over the world.

All MADE IN ITALY is made up of big brands and small artisans and farmers who are the real backbone of the sector. However, artisan producers and small family businesses very often do not have the possibility of defending themselves against counterfeiting by the major world groups, responsible for placing on the market non-authentic and poor quality products.

The It Made In( website and the IT MADE IN ITALY app were created for this very reason: to protect small producers and defend the excellence of Made in Italy.


The MADE IN ITALY is the most copied brand, since, after Ferrari and Coca Cola, it is the best known brand in the world.

This means that there are many products in Italy and abroad that are not authentic Made in Italy.

This phenomenon unfortunately damages the real Made in Italy producers, but also the consumers who are convinced that they are buying Made in Italy products and see counterfeit and inauthentic products arrive at home.

We try to counter this phenomenon to defend the real Made in Italy producers and also to help the consumer to choose authentic and guaranteed products.

We turn to consumers who want to buy authentic and guaranteed MADE IN ITALY.
The portal guarantees all the products displayed through COLOR CODE technology.
Which companies are part of the MADE IN ITALY – COLOR CODE NETWORK ?
They are all those companies of craftsmen or small entrepreneurs who produce made in Italy products.

These companies’ products are designed and made entirely in Italy with Italian labour.
The only exception is represented by raw materials that cannot be found in Italy.
The consumer who buys a product with the MADE IN ITALY brand and with the COLOR CODE is sure to buy an


Only companies that comply with the MADE IN ITALY-COLOR CODE specification can display their products on the portal and use the COLOR CODE technology.

This is a guarantee for the consumer who buys on the portal.

Furthermore, with the IT MADE IN Italy app, the consumer can check the characteristics of the product and all the information on the manufacturer. This allows you to contact him and personally verify the authenticity of the purchased product.

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