Polla del Duca – Tuscany Farm

Via Boschetti e Campano 107, Quarrata, Pistoia, Italia

The Polla del Duca Tuscan farm is located on the slopes of Montalbano foothills, in Tuscany, and extends its green vineyards on the low hill surrounding Montemagno, a small village in the heart of Chianti production zone. The production, active since 1890, takes place according to agricultural-artisan processes that guarantee, together with the most modern controls, a traditional wine with superior characteristics.

Polla del Duca farm has been produced Tuscan wines since 1890, in the Moltalbano region. The origins of the company dates back to the 18th century, when my great grandfather got a settlement from the Count Amato-Cellesi after several years as butler of the Villa Medicea La Magia. He was born in Quarrata in a family of sharecroppers and thanks to this settlement he was able to buy the estate in Montemagno, where his family always worked andconverted it in his own company.

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