Pomate del Cecchi – ( Cecchi Ointments  )

Via Di Le Prata, 85/A

CECCHI Ointments and his History

Cecchi Ointments or Pomades – A story that has its roots in the 1800s

La Pomata del Cecchi (Cecchi Ointments ) is a family brand that has its roots in the 1800s.
The history of the ointment and its recipe begins at the end of the 19th century in the Florentine peasant tradition, in Tuscany.
It was a certain Cecchi who designed and expanded the magic formula, an empathetic man, with great ethical-moral values, passionate about natural research and the benefits that one can derive from it.
From this passion comes the ointments; that everyone called Cecchi ointments (Pomata del Cecchi) or pomades, the means to alleviate and counteract the annoyances, discomforts, pains of his loved ones, his friends and his fellow villagers.

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