Historical shoes FP – The art of shoe makers

Historical shoes FP-Federico Panebianco is the art of shoe makers with his passion.
From his hands come not shoes but leather works of art.
Whether it’s a bespoke shoe, a historic shoe or a simple belt.
The art of Calzaioli was born from the idea of ​​a craftsman Federico Panebianco who has a passion for leather and for history.

History, yes, but for the shoes and who wore them. From his research he found and made many shoes from every era and every period.
Although most of them are from the medieval Renaissance period.
The Sienese artisan Federico Panebianco creates unique objects.
Details and finishes are important to make every job perfect, if you don’t trust his words, come and visit him at his artisan workshop in Colle Vald’Elsa, in the province of Siena.

The craftsmanship of shoes, bags and leather goods in general is classic even if it can carry out any type of processing.
Research, study and tradition have allowed him to specialize in historical reproductions of fine workmanship, becoming the supplier of the footwear of the Palio di Siena, a unique event known throughout the world.

The production of him or his handicraft:

Federico Panebianco creates anything a person desires in leather; from the made-to-measure shoe that borders on perfection to give it a comfortable yet elegant shoe to the simplest object.
The main achievements of him are in addition to custom shoes:

Historical shoes:

Federico Panebianco’s great passion is the creation of historical shoes from all over Europe of any historical period and geographical area. His study of materials and models make him one of the leading experts in the sector.
He can make shoes from the Italian Middle Ages but also from all over Europe.
But also Renaissance or 19th century shoes. Any event needs period costumes, the craftsman Federico Panebianco can make the right shoes.

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