The Importance of Made in Italy Certification: Guarantee of Quality and Authenticity

Made in Italy certification guartee of authentic product

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, and made in Italy authentic products , has created a certification system based on which producers distinguish their creations from those of dubious Italian origin, giving certainty to the final consumer as to the origin and quality.
Recent sociological studies have shown that the consumer’s determination to purchase passes through a guarantee.
The main guarantees identified can be classified into:

  • Quality
  • Origin
  • Status
  • Belonging
  • Prices

Price is the classic guarantee of imported products and large-scale distribution, status and belonging are the guarantees of the advertised brands, quality and origin are the guarantees of DOC, DOP, IGT, IGP and 100% Made in Italy products. The conclusions are clear enough:
Except in the cases of some niches, no product can therefore have a distribution prospect without representing and carrying a guarantee.

Made in Italy: certification of controls

The Certification process starts with the voluntary signing by the Company of the IT01 System Regulation and the Certification Request.
roducts that the Manufacturer intends to market, using the “Made in Italy Certificate” trademarks and distinctive signs, must have the following requirements:

  1. Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
    1. Made with exclusive company designs and planning
    2. Built entirely in Italy
    3. Made with Italian semi-finished products
    4. With traceability of processes
  2. Built with quality natural materials
    1. Individual or composite natural materials
    2. Quality materials and first choice for the intended use
    3. With traceability of the origin of the raw materials
  3. Built on typical traditional workmanship
    1. Special company processes
    2. Use of typical traditional techniques
  4. Made with respect for work hygiene and safety
    1. Made with full respect for the work
    2. In compliance with hygiene, health and safety regulations on places and products

The Institute verifies the existence of the requirements and grants the Certification which is valid for 1 year.
In the month following obtaining the Certification, an official of the Institute will verify the existence of the above-mentioned requirements and proceed to complete the investigation with the acquisition of the necessary documentation and the compilation of the Disciplinary forms.
By the end of the following month the official will confirm to the Company that the Certification has been obtained.
The company will therefore be registered in the National Register of Italian Producers.

TRACEABILITY of the made in Italy authentic product

Institute has set up a traceability system for “100% Made in Italy” certified products.
The certified company must use the distinctive signs issued by the Institute, equipped with a holographic anti-counterfeiting mark and progressive numbering, applying or attaching them to the product.
The collective brand may be used on the packaging, inserted on headed paper, displayed at the fair and disseminated through advertising media and websites.
For over 10 years the Institute has allowed individual consumers and shopkeepers to ascertain the true origin of the Italian product.

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