Made in Sipario Firenze our social mission

MADE IN SIPARIO Social Cooperative Onlus


MADE IN SIPARIO Onlus Florence mission, a non-profit Social Cooperative, is to offer the opportunity of social fulfillment to people with intellectual disabilities or in situations of fragility.
With integration and social inclusion through creative work and its management, contributing to the social well-being of the entire community.

Creative work is the main tool we have given ourselves to achieve this goal.
Combining the needs of production with those of solidarity and social integration.

we would like to be able to:

  • Disseminate the equal dignity of the work carried out by people with intellectual disabilities, guaranteeing quality, competence and efficiency.
  • Promote the individual and social potential of people with intellectual disabilities.
    I.e. favoring social integration with work in particular.
    Through the enhancement and direct participation of the people themselves and / or their families, where present, and the involvement of different people with interest of the territory.
  • Promote and implement ethical economy policies.
    Enhance, through economic, financial and entrepreneurial instruments, the solidarity and mutual aid dimension that makes social cooperation “the added value of its being a business at the service of the community”.

Disseminate, initiate and support civil, educational and cultural proposals for the development and study of social issues and problems, such as the job placement of people with intellectual disabilities.


Made in Sipario is a beautiful project because it combines solidarity and cooperation.
At the same time arduous, because the biggest challenge is still economic sustainability, alongside the educational one.
But thanks to the dynamism and attractive strength of our children we will always be able to infect more people to be open and available to the values ​​of cooperating.
Together we will make our new vision of life a possible utopia, because at MADE IN SIPARIO we have a dream.

We dream …

A world of men and women animated by hope and trust in the future.
With the will to do their part to build a piece, putting themselves together and connecting with each other with intentionality and planning …
A community capable of working for a better world …
A world where men and women, with their frailties and resources, work together in a spirit of service for the construction of the common good.
World where diversity is known, accepted, valued and respected.

Made in sipario Social cooperative Onlus Florence Our Vision
Made in sipario Florence social cooperative and our values


MADE IN SIPARIO Florence Onlus we always refer to these values ​​in our daily actions:

Centrality of the person:
Recognizing their absolute value, in the dimension of a personalistic anthropology.
Valuing the unique qualities of each person, whether or not they have a disability or disadvantage, so that the person and their quality of life are at the heart of the organization.

Work as a tool for social inclusion:
The Work as an indispensable tool for promoting personal growth, training and achieving autonomy.
Work is a fundamental right of the person and, if supported, leads to the overcoming of marginalization and social exclusion.

Working together to achieve the Common Good, as active, supportive, participatory and co-responsible citizens in building a better world.

Family participation:
Encourage the participation of families through sharing, communication and promotion of networking, to identify needs and carry out effective interventions.

Gift as a willingness to take the first step in relationships.
Attitude detached from immediate personal gain; service, exchange and reciprocity.

Role of Volunteering:
Vital component of the social cooperative for the contribution of concrete and cultural contributions and evidence of connection with the social fabric.

Solidarity Economy:
Subordinating our doing and being a business to a solidarity and non-profit purpose.

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