Made in Sipario cooperativa sociale Onlus laboratori

MADE IN SIPARIO Social Cooperative Onlus


MADE IN SIPARIO, its pulsating center are our Art Laboratories.
It is a working place in all respects, for disadvantaged people and difficult social inclusion.
These, through a reasoned and planned accompanying action, are accompanied on a path where they can finally express themselves in a satisfactory way as thinking and creative individuals, creating real works of art.


Ceramic  it is a difficult material but particularly loved by our artists.
Over the years they have learned how to spread clay, cut shapes, smooth surfaces and give color.
We make plates, bowls and glasses for a truly unique table and some other items for home such as vases, empty pockets and spice racks.

You could find various ceramic lines, the result of always different processes that allow our Special Artists to test themselves on several fronts.
You will find the “Graffi” collection, made from a artisanal biscuit and decorated entirely by hand with rapid color changes, available in 4 variants: blue, red, green and dove gray.
Atellier Line: For your solidarity wedding list or to give you a truly unique gift, our ceramic tableware will certainly make an impact!
This fine line, requiring a long and complex process, is only made to order …
Monuments collection: currently dedicated to our 2 most requested placemats dedicated to Florence: Duomo and Santo Spirito.
Each object in this line is entirely made and decorated by hand.
The “Ricciolo” line, also made and decorated by hand, characterized by an elegant and characteristic curl.
They are handmade objects and therefore will always present small and large variations: each object arrives at your home is an object we can say personal, dedicated to you by our Made in Sipario artists.

Made in Sipario laboratorio di ceramica
made in sipario laboratorio legno



All wooden objects are colored and decorated by hand, with original designs Made in Sipario.
The wood is then lacquered with non-toxic paint for food use, which makes it resistant to heat and at the same usable with food.
The surface can be hand washed with a cloth and a neutral detergent.


Our artists are constantly in need of new challenges, so we have decided to try our hand also with tissue, preferably cotton, making shopping bags, small bags, backpacks, cases and pouches …
We work it with colors (acrylics?) and markers so that are washable (by hand and at low temperature).
Each item is handmade decorated and therefore unique.
This collection varies very frequently, matching the themes and colors of the seasons.
The designs are coordinated with the typical subjects of our production.


Made in SIPARIO Tissue laboratory
Made in Sipario laboratori della carta


Paper is the first material we approached with … coloring paper, paper for decorating, papier-mâché to build.
Our Artists love to work with paper and from this love our well-known
plastic-coated placemats, furniture clocks, greeting cards, baskets, key rings etc. were born.

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